By participating in the’s retirement planning program, no one is alone and the goal is continually on addressing retirement issues and instilling confidence in individuals toward developing a successful retirement plan – through presentation and by working individually and in a group setting. The following innovative steps are some of the tools used in the retirement presentations and programs.

Initial Intake
In this step, helps participants gather and organize information, identify personal objectives, recognize obstacles to success and begin to develop a customized individual retirement plan.

• The program begins with a personal retirement review
• Identify individual goals
• Connect with others

One-on-one Assistance
Based on the needs and expertise of the individual members within the retirement program, during “One-on-one Assistance,” participants are paired with another member of the group to identify and begin to address barriers that keep them from developing a  successful retirement plan. This provides an additional level of coaching.

• Participant needs are determined
• Individual issues and goals are identified
• Barriers to a successful retirement plan begin to be addressed

Research Partners creates research teams that will help each individual begin to research and address topics and issues of their choosing – by providing more resources than each person would have on their own. This step offers help to gain actionable information and jump-start solutions to real-life retirement concerns.

• Research assignments are customized according to individual need
• Important information from each individual’s personal retirement review is included
• Findings are shared

Personal Board
Participants may be able to take advantage of his/her very own ‘Personal Board’.  This Personal Board is designed to assist the individual in identifying key retirement issues, concerns or problems; where he/she can find help; and, most important, providing ideas, suggestions and strategies for alternative paths to addressing top challenges. Planning for retirement is customized to each individual.

• Personal Boards are tailored to meet the needs of individuals
• A designated board member watches the time and takes summary notes
• Ideas, suggestions and strategies are personalized, typed and provided to the individual

During the retirement program, we provide attendees with some of the most important information and tools relevant to producing an effective retirement plan. Topics could include: what are the big questions to consider, how to develop an effective financial plan,  creating a comprehensive estate plan, et al.

• The needs of program participants are identified
• Topics are selected and seminar issues are addressed
• Participants provide input and feedback as part of the people-helping-people approach

“BarnRaising Event”
The ultimate in jump-starting a solution to an individual’s retirement problem or issue. The retirement program takes networking to a whole new level when the “BarnRaising Event” is included – it is the signature people-helping-people part of the program.
Participants who are selected to be the “Guests of Honor” at the BarnRaising Event highlight to the whole gathering where they would like help – and each attendee of the group is asked to offer something of assistance. It could be as simple as providing advice, a contact name, or a suggestion to address the problem – or something big like introducing the Guest-of-Honor to someone you know or having a cup of coffee with the person.

• The guest-of-honor has the opportunity to present his/her problem briefly during this program
• Participants in the retirement planning program will understand that they will be asked to do one (1) thing for the guest-of-honor – whether large, like scheduling a meeting with someone who can help, or small, such as sending an article or a piece of advice
• A summary of all of the helpful ideas and suggestions is shared with the guest-of-honor

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