About us

The development of BarnRaising.org along with a focus on retirement planning has been a labor of love for Dr. Aaron.  The idea grew out of a combination of factors, including his desire to help others, his experience designing solutions to problems, and, what he personally witnessed with his own retirement planning – a confusing mountain of information with misinformation around almost every corner!

BarnRaising.org, a non-profit organization, was founded and incorporated in 2004 and has helped over 500 individuals throughout Massachusetts. Dr. Aaron is very proud that BarnRaising.org has been featured on television, newspapers and on NPR’s ‘Marketplace.’

Besides being Executive Director of BarnRaising.org, Dr. Aaron has been Vice President of Sodexo, USA, and Vice President & COO of The Education Alliance. In addition, he was Director of Auxiliary Services at the College of New Jersey – responsible for a $12 million budget as well as having worked in administration at other colleges and universities, including Syracuse University, Binghamton University, Ithaca College and Bowling Green State University.

Dana Aaron received his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration in 1978 from Bowling Green State University, has a Master’s degree from the University of Miami, and his Bachelor’s degree is from Springfield College.

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